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Hi, I am Ruchira Dhoke. Although qualified to be a medical microbiologist, I prefer the role of a mother the most. I am currently living in Mumbai, India. I read voraciously and thus writing invokes a natural passion in me. Putting my thoughts into words is something I enjoy thoroughly and if those words are read, understood and followed then that’s the best form of gratitude for me.

Who wants to be healthy? Everyone.

But sometimes we don’t know where to start from or whom to approach. We might also be totally clueless about certain things which are bugging our minds constantly. Writing health-based articles, for me is such a platform which gives me an opportunity to reach up to such hesitant minds.

All I would say is that be curious, about yourself and your body. Because it is our mind and body which speaks to us first!

Happy reading and keep seeking!

Hello, my name is Shivani Kadam. I am originally from Mumbai and currently pursuing my Bachelor‘s Degree in Psychology in the USA. A part-time YouTube blogger, I am a dreamer and a ridiculously optimistic. My mantra for anything and everything, even if it is falling apart, is ‘Everything happens for a reason’. I believe a lot of incidences and people are connected. I am a very easy going person and you will notice that in my blog posts. I will bring you a variety of hacks, ideas, DIY’s, lookbooks etc. from my experiences so far. I hope you guys can relate to my posts and enlighten me and my team with your reviews on the same.

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HVMN’s founding intuition was that the human itself is a system that can be quantified, understood, and optimized; the human body could be a platform of innovation. Our mission is to enable everyone to be the best version of him or herself. This means we have taken the responsibility to expand the frontiers of science through peer-reviewed research and educate the world of the implications of cutting-edge research. Guided by a formal Research & Development Principles framework, we develop evidence-based products to improve humans across cognitive, physical, and metabolic endpoints.

We develop nutrition & supplements for optimal human performance. Creators of HVMN Ketone, the first & only ketone ester – superfuel for endurance athletes.


Hi, I am Prajakta Padgaonkar. I love reading, learning, and stories! All woven together, it has helped me become the person I am today! My love for stories took me beyond Marathi, Hindi and English stories into Russian, German and Urdu stories too! Yes, I have learned these 6 languages and hold an M.Phil in Russian syllabus design. Being a mom of two very curious girls I have put my storytelling to good use! I am a columnist and writer as well. I have been working in the field of intergenerational care for over 10 years now and mostly write about senior citizen care. I am currently doing a food anthropology column where I am seeking to find origins of various recipes, which we today label as “Indian”.

On CrossborderCuckoos I shall write about food, childcare, and travel. Love this dynamic platform to share stories of growing up, adulting and shaping the way we think! Hope to regale you all with all my favorite stories!

Hi guys, I am Chinmay Khadilkar from Calgary, Canada. I am a full-time graduate student in electrical and computer engineering at the University Of Calgary, Canada and focusing on power markets, power systems, renewable energy and data science. I worked for about 18 months at Mahindra Susten – a solar photovoltaic EPC company in the analytics and operation & maintenance department and after that small stint, decided to pack my bag and be a student again. I am very passionate about the subjects I plan to master in and my blog will be a window to past, present and future learning in the various power markets in existence throughout the world. My idea behind this blog is to create a community of people who will question and criticize as we discuss more on this subject and learn something together. I believe that ignorance is not a bad thing and in fact is a window to endless possibilities.

Apart from this, I love to spend time on Instagram, where I tend to upload all my travel photos that I take on my point and shoot.