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Welcome to Crossborder Cuckoos! I am Radhika Patke, a newly minted mommy blogger currently living in Chicago, USA. I am a finance and accounting professional and I love it; but I also have that fun and artistic side, which needed an outlet. This blog was a long due project, and I finally took the plunge and started putting it together in the year 2018. My love for food, movies, travel, and art were the inspiration behind this. I believe in living each day to the fullest and enjoying small pleasures that my life has to offer.  I always have something to say about everything! I don’t do well with boundaries, restrictions, and norms. My soul is happiest when its free and can dream of anything and everything. Change brings excitement and joy to my life, and I truly love and enjoy experiencing and learning about new and unique things.

I want CrossborderCuckoos to be a melting pot of awesome and interesting people, ideas, stories, and conversations. Being a mommy to a toddler and working full-time, I understand that all we need every day is one thing that makes us smile or happy, one interesting story that arouses curiosity, one helpful tip that makes life easier and one conversation that makes you feel you are not alone. Keeping this in mind I have put together a team of ‘Cuckoos’, as I like to call us. We are a team of crazies from different parts of this world who will try to bring on that smile or laugh, strike that wonderful conversation and write about those unique ideas and tips. We all would love to read your comments or emails. Do write back to us with your stories and ideas.


Hi, I am Swapnil Talpade, living in Pune, India. As the name suggests; I am one of the cuckoos on the team! To be honest I am new to writing stories and articles, which makes it even more interesting and exciting. Who doesn’t love to get crazy and do something different every once in a while! Although not an extrovert, I do like to put my viewpoints across as and when needed. I am a very good listener and always open to a healthy discussion.

Most of us have our daily lives to manage; a job, a business, family, so on and so forth. This is part of our routine lives that we lead by the clock. Having said that, Change is necessary. That one unique thing, in your otherwise routine life, that brings out your inner Superman even though you are so tired by the end of the day. That one thing that you are always ready and excited about no matter how hectic your day has been. This change, no matter how small or big, is necessary!

This thought of doing something unique led me to be a part of this. Scattered across various parts of this globe, this team of crazies promises to bring forth interesting conversations, exciting blogs, and unique ideas.

Your comments and emails are much appreciated and most welcomed. Do share with us your stories and suggestions. Please rate if you like it.

Hi, I am Vrushali Sagdeo, a food aficionado, and a new mommy. I currently  live in California, USA. I have worked in the field of human resources in US for 3 years. I am an epicurean and love to put my skills and curiosity to test for friends and family. They love the recipes I try.

I like to meet new people, see new places and explore new cuisines. Living away from home and my country gave me a free hand on trying new things in cooking which I absolutely love. I am the cuckoo whom you’ll hear chirping about food and travel the most!

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