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When Euphoria Becomes Addictive

“An over-indulgence of anything, even something as pure as water, can intoxicate”

– Criss Jami

Addiction is a simple word with great power. There are few words which have so many undertones which range from something evil, dark, to something casual and exciting. Every one of us has come across addiction at least once. It may have been of varying degrees from drugs and alcohol to other less apparent but as serious dangers like video gaming. The World Health Organization recognized ‘gaming disorder’ as an official mental health disorder.

The most appealing quality of addiction is the adrenaline rush that it gives you. It helps you to escape reality. Think about it; It’s like a free pass to escape what is going on around you. The more dissatisfied one is in real life, the more the chances of them wanting to escape reality. Sometimes there are other reasons like curiosity or peer pressure. A person who likes it the first time may do it again for fun. If you don’t have strong willpower, it can be a very slippery slope. Drugs and alcohol have claimed unimaginable lives and do so daily.

From the victims themselves to people who are affected within their environment, the count is never-ending.  From violence and narco-terrorism in countries manufacturing it, to ruining lives of millions of people getting a hold of these drugs in countries with the purchasing power. The war on drugs is more real and difficult than ever before. Drug abuse is something that even close family members miss to recognize. It’s spreading rampantly in children, teens as well as adults and even highly educated and successful people have often fallen prey to it. With news about celebrities like Demi Lovato overdosing on drugs and drugs being circulated in schools, they have become full-blown epidemics.

Today we are here to talk about the more serious, deadly and rapidly growing addiction to prescription drugs and illegal drugs.

In medical terms, “Drug addiction is a medical condition, a chronic relapsing disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences.”


  • Immediately: alters perceptions or emotions
  • After repeated use: dependence by producing symptoms of tolerance and withdrawal
  • After chronic use: neurological damage.


Drug Addiction and its vicious cycle!

The vicious cycle of drug addiction usually begins with a problem, discomfort or some form of emotional or physical pain a person is experiencing which they find very difficult to be in sync with. Today’s generation leads a very competitive life full of expectations that they have from their parents or for themselves. This adds to problems like difficulty to fit in a social “clique” as a child or teenager, anxiety due to peer pressure or work expectations, insecurities due to lack of self-confidence etc.

World Drug Report by The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

Sometimes such a person resorts to drugs for comfort. The drugs appear to make these problems disappear for a while, giving one a very happy feeling. Drugs become valuable to such a person. They use them the second time and third time and in a jiffy, become dependent and lose the ability to control their drug use. The resulting drug addiction is due to excessive or continued use of habit-forming drugs in an attempt to resolve the underlying symptoms of discomfort or unhappiness.

As established, the dysfunctional behavior’s that result from drug abuse interferes with a person’s normal functioning in the family, be it workplace or social community. Because drug abuse and addiction have so many facets and are self-disruptive in so many ways, effective treatment programs typically incorporate many components which are directed to such a particular aspect of the illness and its consequences. Drug Addiction treatment helps the individual to stop using drugs, to maintain a drug-free lifestyle making them capable of leading an optimum life at work and towards their family and in society.



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