Best Movies: Hidden Gems In Hollywood

Most of my life I have wondered; if it’s possible, that a liking for certain aspects in our lives can be something more than how we grew up. Can it be genetics? My parents, being neighbors in their yesteryears, were crazy movie buffs. It was one of their common interest. And it was what brought them closer. I am sure, they watched a lot of movies when I was just a baby snugling in my mommy’s tummy, listening to all those appealing dialogues passing through the amniotic fluid. I even made a very ‘filmy’ appearance to this world. Okay that’s not true; but I have been into movies ever since.

Movies, to me, are like bliss. A tranquil moment. Many of us experience such serene moments while sitting on a beach or gazing at stars. For me this moment comes in the pitch-black theater or my comfortable bedroom, watching my favorite flick.

I am seizing this opportunity, to begin a series of articles, which will introduce you to amazing, offbeat and best movies in different genres. So, here is a list of the hidden gems, which many of you might have missed over the years. Please watch one of these, the next time you have movie night at home. And if you are even half as crazy as I am, you are going to love each moment.

12 Angry Men (1957):

An unorthodox juror cleverly manages to convince the others that the case they are handling isn’t open & shut and there is more to it than meets the eye. A classic, and one of the best movie of its genre.


The Thing (1982):

Antarctica, below zero temperatures, a group of research scientists, a mind numbing discovery, a creature buried in ice; and then starts the massacre. John Carpenter ‘s best till date with an ensemble cast and some chilly back ground score. A must for sci-fi/horror fans.


The Untouchables (1987):

Prohibition in U.S.A does not stop Al Capone from continuing his illicit liquor business until prohibition agent Elliott Ness makes his mission to bring the mobster to justice. With a power pact cast including Sean Connery, Robert De Niro, Kevin Costner and Andy Garcia, this movie is not to be missed.


Following (1998):

The ambition of a writer to follow people in hopes of using their lives in his novels, turns into a fixation which makes him dwell into territories he did not intend to cross. A 70min short masterpiece and the first feature film directed by Christopher Nolan over a weekend when he and his crew had free time.


The Hidden (1987):

A local cop and a FBI agent, with differences, set out together to eliminate an alien parasite that takes over human bodies physically and goes on killing people violently. A relatively unknown gem, even for fans of sci-fi/horror. Highly recommended.


 The Island (2005):

Everybody thinks that The Island is a paradise……until they see it. Enough said, go watch it.


The Orphanage (2007):

A woman, having pleasant memories of her childhood in an orphanage, convinces her husband to buy it and convert it into home for sick children. Their lives take a horrific turn when her own son starts speaking to an invisible imaginary friend and goes missing later. A must watch for horror fans.


The Lincoln Lawyer (2011):

A witty and charming lawyer, literally working out of his Lincoln (car), comes at crossroads when he lands a case defending a wealthy realtor ‘s supposed innocent son, who he soon finds might not be as innocent as he claimed. Matthew McConaughey at his best, in this thriller/courtroom drama.


Nightcrawler (2014):

A wannabe journalist who would do anything in his power to get to the top, starts making decisions without the fear of consequences. A dark and satirical movie with an outstanding performance from Jake Gyllenhaal as the anti-hero.



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